Thigh Liposuction Before and After

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thigh lipo before and after

If you’re looking for an effective way to reduce the fat and sculpt your thighs, thigh liposuction is a great option. The results will help you feel and look your best.

Choosing Thigh Liposuction

To get the most thigh lipo before and after out of your thigh liposuction procedure, it’s important to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. You should also consider the type of treatment you’re interested in, as liposuction can be used to sculpt various parts of your body.

The best candidates have specific pockets of fat

If you are a healthy adult with good overall health, but have stubborn pockets of unwanted fat on your thighs that won’t respond to diet or exercise, then you may be a candidate for thigh liposuction. This fat can contribute to excess friction while walking or running, make clothing fit uncomfortably, and hinder your overall body image.

Thigh Liposuction Before and After

Thigh liposuction is performed using a minimally invasive technique known as Aqualipo(r). A cannula delivers pulses of water that break down the fat cells in targeted areas. These fat cells are then easier to remove via suction.