Taylormade Stealth Review

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Designed with a low centre of gravity, the Taylormade Stealth iron is a great choice for new players or players that are struggling. The forged feel of the irons helps golfers get the ball out of the ground faster and farther.

Are the TaylorMade stealth irons for high handicappers?

The taylormade stealth is a good choice for mid handicappers. It has a larger face to improve shot-to-shot consistency and reduces the chance of drop-off on off-centre hits. The irons also have a polymer-blend insert behind the face to boost ball speed.

The new driver face has 60 layers of carbon-composite fibre which is 40% lighter than the previous titanium face. It also has a flexible Speed Pocket to help increase ball speed at impact. This new face design is also more forgiving on low face strikes.

The new driver also has a 4-degree Adjustable Loft Sleeve to allow golfers to customize their launch angle and ball speed. It also has an Asymmetric Inertia Generator that generates additional club head speed on the downswing.

The 60x Carbon Twist Face is also a major design feature of the Stealth driver. This technology adds 15% more MOI and allows the weight to be placed lower and deeper in the head. This also gives the driver a slippery-fast head shape that maximises ball speed.

In addition, the Stealth is also equipped with the Thru Slot Speed pocket that provides a more consistent and efficient energy transfer. This technology also improves spin in wet conditions.