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One of the key points of the program of the 5 Star Movement is the adherence to the principles of Direct Democracy and the rejection of the perverse and obsolete mechanics of Representative Democracy. The 5 Star Movement believes that the real political battle today is no longer between ideologies such as right or left, but between modern Direct Democracy and the old and outdated Representative Democracy.


The problem is that the popular will is bypassed every time and mortified. We want instruments of direct democracy in the hands of the citizens. I dream that my son from home votes on a computer yes or no, whether to go to Afghanistan or no, whether to stay in Europe yes or no, whether to leave the euro yes or no. I want this.


What we propose will be a first experiment for the Lazio region and will be from here on called the online Electronic Parliament of the M5S Lazio, and will interface with the elected members of the M5S to the Regional Council of Lazio through a modified version of the e-democracy web software Liquid Feedback and adapted to the needs of the 5 Star Movement.