Lip Fillers Santa Barbara

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lip fillers santa barbara

Lip injections Santa Barbara are a safe, non-surgical way to enhance the facial contour and improve lip symmetry. The injections contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that adds volume and binds with water molecules to support skin tissue growth and moisture retention. The result is more youthful-looking lips with a soft, natural pout.

Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who performs lip enhancements for patients in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Ventura, CA as well as the surrounding communities. She uses lip injections to resize and reshape thin lips, which often become thinner and pursed-looking with age.

Enhance Your Beauty: The Art of Lip Injections in Santa Barbara

Dermal filler is the most popular treatment for lip augmentation. It involves injecting a gel-like formula with hyaluronic acid into the face to increase volume and diminish lines and wrinkles. It is a non-surgical procedure that requires no downtime and delivers immediate results.

There are a variety of different dermal filler options available to meet the needs of each patient. For example, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA(r) XC is designed to soften the appearance of fine lines around the mouth known as smoker’s lines. It can also be used to add definition to the cheek area.

Other fillers like Juvederm RADIESSE(r) are more appropriate for restoring lost facial collagen for a smoother complexion, while others work best to add subtle definition and enhance the appearance of fine lines in the lips. In any case, a skilled nurse injector can ensure that the fillers are placed in the most optimal position to produce the desired outcome.