Is Andrew Tate Running a Pyramid Scheme?

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Andrew Tate is a former andrew tate pyramid scheme kickboxer, self-help guru and social media influencer. He gained notoriety for his controversial takes on masculinity, but has since amassed a huge following and steady income with his online business Hustlers University. His training courses allegedly teach men how to make money and talk to women.

The entrepreneur’s claims of a rags-to-riches story and his flashy lifestyle are likely part of the draw for some, but it’s worth noting that he seems to have a moral worldview that places money above all else. His expensive cars and camgirl empire were reportedly built on a foundation of human trafficking.

Some people believe that he is running a pyramid scheme, which is an illicit business model whereby those at the bottom support those higher up the chain. The most famous example is the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, where he defrauded investors out of billions.

Analyzing Andrew Tate’s Take on MLM: A Deep Dive into His Critiques and Opinions

Tiktok user Benleavvit says that Andrew Tate’s business Hustlers University could be a pyramid scheme for “sigma males.” He also claims that the program makes its affiliates rich by selling the training course to others, but doesn’t actually deliver on its promises. He’s right that the program does use a traditional affiliate marketing system, but it’s more likely that those at the top are making their money from the sale of the training rather than through recruiting new members. They are essentially being paid for a re-post of an original video instead of delivering actual value to their subscribers.