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We will organize a day in August in which we will give all the available tokens to the certifiers, making an organizational meeting and showing online the procedure necessary to register users, which the certifiers will have to repeat for themselves and then in their meetup for their subscribers. The participation of certifiers on this day is mandatory, under penalty of replacement of the certifier. Forms must be signed for the acceptance of the assignment and for the management of privacy.

Contact your certifier who will establish the date of delivery of the tokens to the first 1000 activists (600 in Lazio, 300 in Lombardy and 100 in Sicily): we expect the distribution to take place gradually in the second half of August.

Requirements: be Italian citizens of legal age, residing in Lazio, Lombardy or Sicily, certified on the national portal.

You must have with you: valid identity card and health card. The cost of the token is € 5.10 (in the transparency section of the site you will find all the details). The subsequent tokens, as we will order them in larger quantities, will cost less.

Phase 2, next, will involve (October) a much higher number of people: 10,000 citizens, even NOT registered with the 5 Star Movement, who will be able to enter the online electronic parliament platform.

Public events will be organized in all cities, and we will proceed to extend registrations to other regions.

We remind everyone that the selection for the PARALLEL COMMISSIONS is open. In view of the entry into force of the electronic parliament, we are looking for COMPETENT CITIZENS who can enter the PARALLEL COMMISSIONS. You will help us evaluate the bills that we will discuss in the regional council.

It’s a quantum leap for an activist… but also the best way to help not only the 5 Star Movement, but the future of your region!