Easily Promote Your Social Media Handles Anywhere With Custom Stickers!

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social media sticker auto

Easily promote your social media handles anywhere with custom stickers!

From a branding perspective, it’s always important to promote your brand’s social media sticker auto | Vinyl Status channels “in the wild”. Stickers are an effective way to do this in a fun and tangible manner. They can be placed on cars, doors, walls, desks, water bottles and so much more!

Create a unique sticker for your brand with Canva’s free sticker maker. Pick from one of our many templates or start from scratch. With our sticker design tools, you can play around with layouts, shapes, illustrations, font choices and color combinations until you create your perfect sticker.

Get Noticed on the Go: Using Social Media Stickers for Auto Branding

Whether your business is big or small, you need to be using every tool in your marketing arsenal to drive awareness and sales. That’s where your Instagram bio link and Instagram Story Link stickers come in handy.

The key to getting the most out of your links is to design them with clean design and aesthetic imagery that doesn’t detract from your overall customer experience. In fact, it can even help you stand out from competitors.

How to use an Instagram Stories Poll with a Linksticker

If you want to add a question or poll to your Instagram Stories, all you need to do is tap the large white circle at the top of your story screen. From there, you can choose the sticker icon and scroll down to find the “Poll” sticker. Once there, you can type your question and select which options users will be able to choose from.