Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney

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Defending people charged with crimes in Boulder is what we do. Our lawyers provide support and peace of mind for clients as they work to resolve their case. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client gets the best possible outcome and has their constitutional rights protected.

What is defence in warfare?

The Ferrell Law Firm is led by former prosecutors who are committed to providing aggressive representation for those accused of crimes in the state of Colorado. They take pride in fighting to have charges against their clients dropped or reduced and they are ready to help you with your case today. URL

If you have been arrested, try to remain calm and be polite. Refusing to answer questions or acting out can make the situation worse. It’s also important to remember that everything you say can be used against you in court.

At the Dawson Law Office, the firm represents individuals in Boulder and the surrounding areas who are facing misdemeanor and felony cases. They have defended clients who are accused of DUIs, theft, assault and domestic violence, burglary, white-collar crimes, and other offenses.

The WeedenLaw team believes that there is another narrative to every story, and they are committed to helping their clients prove that their side of the story is correct. They have decades of experience in defending their clients against felony and misdemeanor charges, including DUIs. With each case, they determine their clients’ primary concerns and then mold their representation to fit those concerns.